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Welcome to 2024!

Hello Friends!

Welcome back to your monthly GCB updates.

Let's start out with the best news first- Our Sour Berry Bomber is now on tap.  It's a fan favorite in the Bomber series.  Along with the Guava Bomber, the Sour Berry boasts half a pound of fruit per pint of beer.  Sour Berry is made with blackberries and raspberries, which naturally are less sweet and the sour notes are a bit more bright.  This is the perfect beer to take home and enjoy with a baked brie and some dark chocolate.  We have a new batch of Firefly NEIPA for the winter, it's a little more hearty at 8%ABV- it'll warm you up this weekend!

Most of our new taps are up and running.  One of our new taps is a dedicated Gluten-Free tap, which will have Holidaily pouring through it.  Another will be gluten free hard cider, and all of the lines and equipment have never touched gluten.  We know many of you are gluten sensitive (including myself!), intolerant, or Celiac and we are dedicated to providing the best  quality Gluten Free options possible.

I don't have much to update you on about the Food Truck.  I know this is quite the talk of the town.  After reading through the Council Comments emails, I realize this is a bigger issue than many of us realized, and the same struggles GCB is having, many other businesses are having.  The City tells us to do something (get the food trucks on our property), we try (with a crane), and discover more and more red tape to work through, with ever-changing goal posts.  It is not easy to run a business in Golden, and I greatly appreciated the continued support  of GCB and other Golden businesses.  

On another note, what do you think about a Club hoody, rather than a tshirt? Probably a zip up rather than a pull over.

As always thank you for reading, let me know if you have questions!

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