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Halfway through April? Already?

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

I can't believe we're already half way through April! 

{Redacted Club only info}

As for the club hoodies/shirts- I am working on getting a website up so you can order whichever logo and style you like, but it's taking me a little bit to find a good one.  The artist finished the logos, and I did purchase all 3 from him, I know the responses were about equal for all three.  With the website I won't have to order and store all three versions, which would take up most of my space.  I appreciate your input and understanding. (for the Blog readers- to get the "Club" discounts, you must wear the club t-shirt/hoody)

Our recent releases include the Banana Bender (our Hefeweizen we lager, to avoid the clove flavors, and add banana puree so its a nice clean fruity wheat), We also released an Italian Pilsner, it's bright and fresh, with a hint of hop.  As you can discern from the free 5oz, the Geologist is on its way out for the summer, so if you love it come grab some cans while they last!

As for the food truck, we have not been granted a crane permit as of yet.  In the meantime I've added a jalapeno artichoke dip to the menu.  As always, we appreciate your support of other Golden businesses, and you're always welcome to grab some Bob's, D'deli, pizza etc and enjoy it in our beer garden.

Thank you everyone for voting in the Colorado Community Media's Best of the Best Golden!  I've got my fingers crossed to win Best Brewery another year in a row.  We had several bartenders nominated, so we'll see if any individual wins that category this year, however I feel ALL our bartenders are the best!  I've got a great team going here at GCB, and I hope you feel the same.

Again, thanks a bunch!


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